How best to wash the outside of a car?

The exterior of the car is the first thing to notice. When a car is exposed to various weather conditions such as rain, snow or sun, its “natural” beauty is impaired and permanent consequences can remain if the causes of dirt are not effectively removed. Many people prefer car washes because the job is faster and they also have access to equipment they may not have at home. In contrast, many simply enjoy hand washing their cars. This article will cover how best to manually wash the outside of a car and bring it to perfect condition.

The fact that the car requires regular washing so that the dirt on it does not damage the color and shine of the car should not be overlooked. You will need water to get started. It is advisable to use two buckets of water, one in which you will mix the car wash detergent with water (Spick & Span brand is recommended), and in the other clean water should be left to rinse the car wash cloth or glove. First dip a glove or cloth in the first bucket and start removing dirt in a circular motion. Then rinse the glove or sponge well in clean water and repeat the process. This way you will avoid mixing dirt from the car with clean water. Clean the car from the roof towards the vehicle sills, as the lower parts are the dirtiest.

Do not wash and polish the car if its surface is warm because the detergents will dry faster on it, which will make it difficult to wash the car and take a lot of time. It is best to wash the car during a cloudy day or in the shade for best results. When cleaning tires, you will need a degreaser and a cleanser for stubborn stains and dirt (Spick & Span offers products for this purpose). But don’t think that the dirt will go away on its own even though it seems so at first glance. You will need to take a new cloth or sponge and rub to completely clean the wheels and tires. If the car is not cleaned thoroughly, the leftovers will cost you dearly.

As for the sponge or washing glove, it is best to use microfiber that will best retain dirt and remove it from the surface of the car. Never use a cloth or glove that has fallen on the floor as you risk scratching the car.

To completely remove all dirt from the car after using a cloth or glove, use a hose with an extension to remove even the most stubborn dirt from the car rims and hard-to-reach areas around the tires with a strong jet of water. After you have removed all the dirt it is necessary to dry the car. Many use towels and microfiber cloths that buy water better and more efficiently. Dry your car slowly and thoroughly using more than one cloth if necessary. A dry car is a thankful car, and it won’t attract as much dirt.

If you want to apply wax, be sure to apply it in small amounts on small areas. The wax dries quickly so that application on large surfaces will not achieve the desired result and the shine will not be visible. Gently massage the wax into the surface of your car for a beautiful shine.

Treat car washing with the same care as washing your own face. The best results require patience, love for the job and good products. Then your car will always look great and perfect.

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