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How to apply the “two buckets” method when washing your car?

The first question might be: what is the “two buckets” method? Although washing a car seems like a very simple act, there are certain methods for it as well that contribute to certain aspects of cleaning your car. The “two buckets” method is quite simple. Washing a car is the easiest way to maintain its […]

Which disinfectant is the most effective?

Disinfectants have been around us almost since there was a cure. There are always bacteria and viruses. They are older than the shell itself. Without them, we probably wouldn’t be humans, because the bacteria we carry are mostly good bacteria that serve us primarily in the digestive system, but also many that seemingly harmlessly attack […]

What can be called disinfectant?

With the announcement of the pandemic and the rapid spread of COVID-19, many disinfectants and those presented as disinfectants appeared on the market. Their main task is to destroy viruses and bacteria from the surface of the hands or some other surface, but not all disinfectants are effective in the fight against microorganisms. How to […]

What are the differences between active substances in disinfectants?

During the winter and the season of the virus, you will significantly reduce your risk of infection by using disinfectants. They will remove the virus from your hands or the various surfaces we often touch, reducing the spread of the infection. Disinfectants work thanks to the active substances contained in them, and the most common […]

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